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Women Program

DEEP WOMEN originated when a few well wishers of DEEP, visited another organization that gives shelter and home to young girls and women from various backgrounds and forms of violence. Each woman and girl present there had their unique, awe-inspiring stories to tell. When offered help by DEEP in the form of donations, the head of the organization insisted that they provide aid in a manner that the beneficiary women were psychologically and emotionally supported as well, rather than just financially providing them with an avenue to become emotionally stable, educated, strong independent women. For a project to impact numerous lives positively, it takes ginormous effort, immense care, and time to meet set goals.

  • Training women to handicraft jute and cloth bags
  • Helping them become self-sufficient.
  • Taking it upon ourselves to sell these handmade goods
  • Give the proceedsback to these women

Our patrons have done a tremendously good job. It should be noted that, Dr. Manoranjani Sambangi of Paccore Solutions ltd., India and USA, has played a gargantuan role in chiselling our programs and influencing us in the right direction through her able guidance and constant support, for which we are forever grateful. 

DEEP is currently sponsoring soap making workshops for women and young girls in order to help them achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliability. We are actively looking for people/organizations who can take this project to the next level. We welcome all women and girls in need of support with open arms. Our vision is to one day create a platform that is run by the women we support which is, completely self-supported.