Our Polices


Who we are

We are a group of doctors and responsible citizens who have come together to augment and incorporatechanges using the best practices in the fields of medicine, technology and education for sustainable solutions that have impact on the day to day livelihoods of individuals and the society at large.

Vision & Mission

The vision and the mission is to help eradicate diseases through the powerful tools of education and prevention. Factors such as education and environment have a direct impact on the health of the individual and the society at large.

Education improves the ability to understand and comprehend the well being of the society, and the changes and challenges are easy to accept for the betterment of the society. A knowledgeable society has a better decision taking ability for its overall health.

Environmental conditions deeply impact the health of the individual and the society. Water, is the life to civilizations. Clean and potable water for the members of the society and individuals should be right for which we strive.

Waste management and other antipollution activities should become the cornerstone for improving the healthy condition of the citizens.


Our Causes

When you donate for a child, you transform a young life by supporting health, boosting education, and upholding dreams. In addition, your charity donation to DEEP Trust makes you eligible to receive 50% tax exemption on your donated amount under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax (applicable for donations of ₹500 and above).

Sponsor a child now.

DEEP has taken on the responsibility to provide a wholesome meal of freshly cooked and nutritious meals for the children in Paderu . Palatable wholesome meal which is freshly cooked locally in the kitchen of the school is served to the children . If a child is provided a wholesome meal, she or he has a chance to face the challenges of life.

A charity contribution of ₹ 2000 can feed, clothe and provide books for a child for a month. Your donation is diligently put to use to benefit the nourishment of the children through out the year. Of your total contribution, 90% is used to meet the programme cost and the remaining 10% is used to meet the programme management cost.

DEEP is helping more than 100 rural children read,learn and do better in studies by promoting learning and providing various educational infrastructure to the school in Paderu.

 Encouraging children, belonging to disadvantaged and the underserved sections, to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities is the focus of DEEP Trust.

The initiative has garnered good support from conscientious individuals and corporate alike.