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Disease Eradication Through Education And Prevention

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WATER AND SANITATION - Absence of clean Water and poor sanitation can affect the health of the society at large. DEEP trust aims to work with the community through it outreach programs involving the volunteers and members of the society and the government to spread the knowledge about water and sanitation. These time bound programs have a visible impact on the society when it involves school children etc. Deep Trust works with school children and schools to bring about a positive change in the habits and increase their social responsibility.

The objects of the trust have been framed to provide services that promote the primary level of healthcare that which if put in place will prevent diseases from occurring. These include actions that can be driven from an individual level to mass participation for achieving the goals enshrined.

In collaboration with USATA group, DEEP was in the forefront in reaching out to the flood victims of Kerala. These flash floods deprived the communities with potable drinking water for proper health and hygiene. DEEP Trust ensured the regular supply of safe and clean water to the affected communities by installing filters that provided the required water to tide over the crisis.

School and Anganwadi centers cater to the underserved and, in spite of the efforts by the government, lack the clean and safe water for the children who visit them during the day. This often predisposes them to dangerous health conditions that affect their daily activities. Deep Trust along with USATA Group came forward to fill the gap and helped the installation of LifeStraw water filters to provide clean and safe water in Anganwadi centers in Karnataka.

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